Currently based in London, UK, Yulia and Sasha have fallen in love with Balboa in 2010 while still being a part of a very enthusiastic and competitive Russian swing dance scene. They are easy to recognise by their zippy yet exceptionally smooth style and seamless partner connection. Often spotted in international contest finals, they see competing as the perfect way to showcase what they treasure in Balboa the most: its joyful energy, subtle humour and the precious opportunity to be in the moment with the music and one another.

In class they are happy to share every piece of knowledge they’ve gained throughout their ongoing Balboa adventure with years of patient work and moments of fascinating insights.

Photo by Jason Swihart.

Yulia Dakina & Alexander Aazrov

Anna discovered balboa dance in 2010,Serg’s later in 2011. And for both the dance became their favorite from the very first shafle. This couple became one of the leading dancers in Russia.For the first competition they won bronze at the Sultans of Swing in 2014, followed by many awards: first places in the Strictly category at Toulouse Balboa Weekend and Balboa Castle Camp, a winning at All Balboa Weekend 2015 in the Amateurs category.In addition to success at the coolest competitions, the couple has extensive teaching experience, including conducting a regular group in Moscow.

Their dance are loved for dynamism, diversity and richness of variations, and the style of teaching combines the flexibility of concepts and positive thinking

Anna and Sergey are waiting for you in their classes to give you their knowledge and love of dance.

Photo by Alexey Makushin.

Anna Gavrilova & Sergey Shirokov

Marina Alekseeva  started to dance with boogie-woogie and lindy hop in 2006 but last 6 years balboa has become her true passion and love. Marina has more than 6 years of experience in teaching swing. She has been many times at the finales of numerous swing dance competitions.

Alexander Tabakov started goin in for dancing when he was six and studied choreography for nine years. Since 2015 he has been teaching balboa and swing dances on a regular basis. Olso he is invited to teach at Russian and International dancing master classes. 

At they lessons Marina & Sasha pays special attention to the dialogue between partners combining authentic balboa movements and modern ideas, also they are teaching to feel yourself and feel the dance.

Photo by Ksenia Trubnikova.

Marina Alekseeva & Alexander Tabakov

The Legends of russian Balboa-scene - Sasha & Ivan Ivanin. As a teachers and organizers, they did a lot to make balboa a huge part of swing-dance in Russia.  

Real enthusiasts of their work, they have grown more than one pair of Moscow teachers and leading balboa dancers.

Sasha and Ivan discovered Balboa back in 2005 and loved it with all their hearts. Starting from 2006, they conducted regular classes in Moscow and organized master classes for foreign teachers.

Sasha and Ivan are multiple Russian balboa champions, twice silver medalists of the European balboa cup and finalists of the main american balboa competitions of the American Classic Balboa Championship at the All Balboa Weekend.


Photo by Denis Tkachenko.

Alexandra Ivanina & Ivan Ivanin